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Aerial photography & Video via Drone

Discover a new perspective. Coales Capture Media House provides drone video services across the UK.

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Before you go too far in your planning stages, contact us first. You may be in a geographical area where it may not be possible to provide our service. We will need some basic details of your requirements so we can carry out an initial survey to see the suitability of your requirement.

  • Location where the work is required.

  • Proposed date and time.

  • Details of your requirements

With this information, we will be able to work out if we could deploy the drone, or if we would need to seek additional permissions. We will let you know if your requirement is acceptable so you can continue to fine tune your plans.


The flight times vary depending on the drone being used, the weight of the camera, air temperature and altitude. Normally our drones will fly for up to 15 minutes on each set of batteries. We have several sets of batteries and can also charge them on the day. Normally we find that images are obtained best at certain times of day in certain light, therefore multiple flights may be required at different times of the day to get the imagery required.

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